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O Boticario International

About Us

O Boticário is the second largest Brazilian cosmetic company with a 6% market share in Latin America. Globally, it has 4,070 stores in Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Japan and United Arab Emirates. O Boticário is the largest cosmetic franchise in the world. As of 2016, the company generated USD 4 billion in revenue, employed 30,000 people and produced c. 300 million units. Due to its strong marketing, product innovation, social media activation the group has been able to report a double-digit growth in revenue for the last 5 years.

O Boticário brand DNA relies on the story of its funder (a pharmacist) who 40 years ago started to mix natural ingredients to produce beauty products in a small pharmacy in Curitiba-Brazil, since then, the brand ́s products are the result of an alchemy of unique and exotic ingredients such as quinoa grains or lily extracts obtained through an ancient perfume extract process (enfleurage) today used by very few perfume producers around the world. The brand does no animal testing and invests 1% of revenues in forests conservation.