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O Boticario the most admired beauty brand from Brazil which started it's a story more than 40 years ago in a small pharmacy in Curitiba - Brazil when its founder started to mix natural ingredients to produce beauty products, and since then the brand's products are the result of an alchemy of unique & exotic ingredients. The brand is one of the largest beauty franchises worldwide. Sustainability for O Boticario began in 2010 when the group started contributing to the evolution of alternative animal testing methods, among them the creation of laboratory-made human skin testing such as 3D skin testing. Animal-free testing has been an initiative we truly care for at O Boticario. O Boticario has innovation in its DNA and its product portfolio is cruelty-free including vegan products for Make B. and renewable and recycling packaging for Nativa Spa. Our store concept Amphora has recently launched the Boti Recicla program for the collection of disposed packaging. And lastly, sustainability for O Boticario is expressed in everything we do, from our consumers, our employees, our suppliers, and responsibility towards the preservation of natural habitat.