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Nativa Spa Quinoa Moisturizing Body Oil, 200ml

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A body oil rich in anti-aging ingredients! Oboticario's Nativa SPA Quinoa Moisturizing Body Oil is perfect for preserving the moisture levels of your skin. Combines all the benefits of quinoa grain with a delicious fragrance and incredible texture. Its formula contains pure drops extracted from this super food, from a unique and beneficial process. An ideal way to nourish, moisturize, firm and strengthen the elasticity of the skin, with active and continuous action that forms a light and protective film on the body


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Amani Jasem

The first time I tried the body oil of Nativa Spa Quinoa, I felt a different experience and started liking the collection itself. It is not sticky and is not greasy after the application. I felt fresh every after bathe. The scent of the oil sticks with your skin for long hours.