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Coffee Duo Woman Eau de Toilette, 100ml

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The delicate and creamy notes of Milk harmonize with the contrast and bitterness of Coffee. Oboticario brings you the Coffee Woman Duo Deodorant Cologne, in addition to the mixture between Café com Leite, the fragrance combines black fruits and delicate flowers proving that opposites attract each other. The result? An irresistible mixture both for those who use it and for those who feel it.

The packaging of the Coffee Woman Duo Deodorant Colony seeks references in the most respected items of international women's perfumery, allowing it to be a decorative object for your dressing table. 
This is a vegan product, that is, it does not contain anything of animal origin in its formula. No Oboticario Group product is tested on animals. 


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Really beautiful scent. Smells elegant and lasts long. I get lots of compliments for it.